Religious Education - Islam: beliefs about creation and evolution

Islam: beliefs about creation and evolution

Most of the world’s religions have produced theories as to how the world was created and how people and animals came to be here. Usually these take the form of creation stories in the sacred books of the religions concerned.

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Religious Education - Islam: beliefs about creatio


  • Cosmology is the study of the universe, and humanity’s place in it.
  • One of the theories put forward by cosmologists is the Big Bang theory. This suggests that about 15,000 million years ago there was a massive explosion. This was the point at which all matter in the universe began; space and time began then too. Over time the universe that we know, and human and animal life, emerged.
  • This theory is generally accepted by scientists as being the best theory they have to explain the origins of the universe.
  • If this theory is true, then it could mean that the universe ‘just happened’ and that it did not emerge as a result of the activity of a creator God.
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Religious Education - Islam: beliefs about creatio

Evolutionary biology

  • The idea that life might have evolved was first mentioned as early as the 4th century CE by St Augustine, who wrote that God probably only created very simple life forms and that these developed over time.
  • Today we associate evolutionary science with scientists such as Charles Darwin who wrote ‘On the Origin of Species’ in 1859. He argued that life begin with very simple cells and later developed into what we see today. He said that Natural Selection was one of the major mechanisms driving evolution.
  • Darwin upset many people with his views and even some respected scientists such as Philip Gosse argued that the fossils which were discovered in the ground had been placed there by God deliberately to fool people.
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Religious Education - Islam: beliefs about creatio

Muslim perspectives

Muslims would argue that science does not affect their belief in Allah’s (God's) creation of the world, instead it explains what the Qur’an does not say. An important part of being a Muslim is to strive for clear understanding, therefore scientific explanations are welcomed as they help Muslims to have a greater understanding of Allah.

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