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Environmental and Medical Issues

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Key words:

Global Warming: Increasing of the temperature of the Earth/atmosphere.

Natural resources: Naturally occuring materials, e.g wood and oil.

Conservation: Protecting and preserving natural resources and the envronment.

Creation: The act of creating the Universe.

Environment: Surroundings in which plants and animals live in and depend on.

Stewardship: Looking after something for the next generation.

Christian Stewardship: Looking after the world for the next generation, because its a gift from God.

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Key words (2):

Infertility: The inability to have a child.

Embryo: A fertilised egg in the first 8weeks

Artificial Insemination: Injecting semen into the uterus by artificial means.

In-Vitro Fertilisation(IVF): The method of fertilising human egg cells in a test tube.

Surrogacy: An arrangement where a woman bears a child on behalf of another.

Organ Donation: Giving organs to be used in transplant surgery.

Ahimsa: Non-violence (HINDUISM)

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Problems,Causes and solutions of Global Warming:

Problems of Global Warming:

  • Ice caps melt causing flooding (especially in low-lying countries).
  • Parts of the word become too hot to live in causing more migration and immigration.
  • Animals and Plants become extinct because of changing climate.
  • Problems with food suplly as some plants cant grow as its too hot or too cold.

Causes of Global Warming:

  • Greenhouse gasses
  • Natural climate change 
  • Increased solar activity

Solutions to Global Warming:

  • Develop nuclear,wind, water and solar power sources
  • Invent more efficient cars (no petrol or diesel)
  • Increased use of public transport.  
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Problems,Causes and Solutions of Pollution:

Problems and Causes of Pollution:

  • Acid rain-causes acidic pollution into the atmosphere and kills plants and trees.
  • Human waste- sewage refuse and water, too much could lead to flooding.
  • Radioactive pollution.
  • Use of fertilisers- Eutrophication, kills fish.

Solutions to Pollution:

  • Reduce pollution from factories-use more renewable sources.
  • Recycle more -reduce,reuse and recycle.
  • Improve sewage treatments.
  • Improve fertilisers, so not as high nitrate levels.
  • More reprocessing and burrying waste materials deeper into the earth.
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Problems,Causes and Solutions to Natural Resources

Problems of using natural resources:

  • Renewable resources can never run out and can be used by humans over and over agian, e.g solar energy.
  • Finite resources (non-renewable) disapear once used and cant be used again- e.g wood.

Solutions to Natural Resources:

  • use reneable resources to generate electricity.
  • Explore ways of powring cars without using petrol.
  • Recycle more- reduce,reuse and recycle.
  • Use more plant material to produce plastics.
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Christian and Hindu Attitudes towards Stewardship:

Stewardship:Chrisitan attitudes:

  • They believe they should look after the Earth for the next generation because it was a gift from God.
  • Genesis, God gives humans the right to rule over the Earth and tells them to look after it.
  • Old Testament, Tells people to treat animals and land kindly.
  • Jesus told his followers to share Earths recources fairly.
  • Chrisitans believe they will be judged on how they have treated the Earth.

Stewardship:Hindu attitudes:

  • Hindu's take care of the Earth because its their Dharma (duty).
  • Everything is a part of God and so damaging or exploiting the Environment is like damaging part of God.
  • Its their Dharma (duty) to preserve the Earth and the Environment and ensure that its treated as God intended it to be.
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Christian and Hindu attitudes towards Infertility

Infertility Treatments:Christian attitudes:

  • Catholics think you have a right to have children BUT all life is given by God.
  • They are against all infertility treatments.
  • Extra embryos are discarded and they believe life begins at contraception.
  • AID and AIH involve masturbation which is a sin.
  •  Sex is for procreation and procreation should happen any other way.
  • Other Christians think infertility treatments are OK.
  • Purpose of marriage is to have children.
  • IVF and AIH  use egg from mother and sperm from father so its still their child.
  • Disregarded embryos dont matter as they are a product of the double effect.
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