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Love In Christianity

Philla - Love between Freiends & Family

Storge - Love/affection for animals,places and things

Eros -  Sexual Love

Agape - Unselfish Love,Love that asks for nothing in return

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Love In Islam

Love is a gift from Allah (god)

The fact that we feel love is a sign of god's existance

Allah created us with the capacty to love out partner and to be happy with him/her

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Contraception In Christianity - Roman Catholic Tea

Roman Catholic Church teaches that ever act of sexual intercourse should be open to the possibility of creating a new human life

Therefore catholics are not allowed to use artificial forms of contraception.It is seen as unnatural

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Contraception In Christianity - Protestant Teachin

Contraception Is acceptable Provided:


It is usd within a marriage


Both partners agree to use contraception - They both have to agree to it


Both Partners agree on the tpe of contraception

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Contraception In Islam

Muslims Vary their views on contraception

Some muslims accept most modern types such as the condom or the pill

Others believe natural family palnning is better

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Celibacy means deciding not to have sexual relationships.

Some religious believers - such as Roman Catholics priests and nuns take a life long vow of celibacy

 Monks and Nuns, and Catholic priests believe that celibacy gives them more time to devote to serving snd worshipping god.

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Christian Teaching On Adultery

Forbidden in the ten commandments

Harmful and likely to destroy a special relationship between husband and wife

Breaks marriage vows you made to be faithful

God is involved in the relationship,and should not be cheated

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Muslim Teaching On Adultery

Forbidden In the Qur'an

Adultetry is theft. Stealing another man's wife is the most shameful thing a man can do.

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Key Words..!

Reconciliation - Saying sorry and making up after an argument. Christians try to help the couple with reconciliation to try and avoid a divorce

Reponsiblities - Actions that you are expected to carry out.Marriage and family life are our biggest responsibilities in life

Conflict - Stresses and strains that take place withing human relationships. Conflict in marriages can lead to divorce.

Commitment - A sense of dedication and obligation to someone or something. Christians believe marriag is a solemn commitment for life

Chastity - No sex before marriage; to remain sexually pure for marriage

Love - One of te Most powerful human emotions,which joins people together

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