Religious Education

About the Re Exam and all the information that I need to remember especially quotes for higher marks.

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Natural Evil - Something that cannot be controlled. Like Floods, Volcanoes and Earthquakes etc

Moral Evil - Suffering that is caused by Humans. Like War.

How Christians Respond to Evil?

  • Suffering is a test - God is allowing us to be tested to see if we lose faith.
  • Suffering is Punishment - God is punishing us for our sins -> Adam and Eve.
  • Suffering is all part of a plan - God has a large plan which we don't understand but it involves suffering. "God works in mysterious way"

The Free Will Defence

When God made Humans he did not want us to be like puppets on strings, only doing what he wants us to. So insteadhe made humans to have a choice; to choose wether they want to behave good or bad. He wanted us to have freedom on how we want to behave.

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