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Brahma- The Creator, He carrys a lotus flower to signify purity. He is also resopnsible for the four vedas. He has four heads to show that he can see anywhere. He holds a waterjug to represent his role as creator and his vehicle is a white swan.

Vishnu- The preserver,he is said to protect the world from evil.His props are a discus and mace and his vehicles are a serpent and a half man half bird..

Shiva- The destroyer, holds a trident, has a cobra round his neck to represent the fact he fears nothing. Has one free hand with nothing in it.

Ganesha- Son of Pavati and Shiva and you pray to him for good luck. Elephant trunk.

Lakshmi- Consort of Vishnu, shown sitting on a lotus flower with elephants either side of her.

Kali-  a fierce and powerful form of Pavati. Represents the power of Mother Nature.

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Saraswati- Consort of Brahma, Has a peacock and a swan by her side

Pavati- Shiva's consort. Mother of Ganesha. She is worshipped my married Hindu women in the hope of a happy life.

Krishna- Described as the 8th avatar of Vishnu. Shown with a white cow. Has a peacock feather in his hair and carrys a flute. Is always shown in human form.

Rama- 7th avatar of Vishnu. In human form with just 2 arms. Known as the sky god. Carrys a bow and quiver of arrows.

Durga- A fierce and powerful form of Shakti. Carrys a lotus flower for purity. Rides a lion to show she is fearless.

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