Religious Beliefs

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Animal rights


  • Believe they have a duty to care for all creation 
  • Believe God put humans in charge of the world 
  • Jesus spoke about the value of every living creature 


  • Believe animals should be treated well as part of the rebirth cycle
  • Attatch a great importance to the natural word
  • Believe all living thing sdepend on eachother for survival
  • First moral precept: not to harm any living thing 
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  • Jesus taught 'Love your neighbour as yourself' 
  • Believe that God created men and women in his own image so all are of equal value
  • Activley fight racial discrimination 


  • Everyone has the potential for enlightenmnet 
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  • All agree that abortion is wrong 
  • Roman catholics completley oppose abortion
  • Some Christians believe it can be justified:

    - to save the mothers life

    - in the case of **** 


  • Most oppose abortion 
  • Some agree with Dalai Lama that situation should be taken into account 
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  • Most do not entirley oppose war as long as it is 'just'
  • Some, such as the Quakers are totally opposed and are conscientious objectors
  • Sixth commandment 'You shall not murder' 


  • Ahimsa means trying to fight injustice without physical force 
  • Many believe that violence is always wrong 
  • Believe that violent actions will produce bad karma 
  • War is not forbidden 
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