Religious attitudes to drugs

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Beliefs and teaching about body

all life is sacred - if life is holy then we are not honouring it by using drugs.

do not kill - drugs can harm the body and killing the body is not right.

only god can grant life, only god can take it away life - taking drugs is gambling with life and only god should have these powers. 

God has a plan for every life - surely god doesn't want people wasting it by taking drugs.

life should be respected - addicts are not respecting their chances at it.

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What are drugs?

A drug is a substance which when taken affects the body or mind 

types of drugs

illegal drugs - which have the their status becuase of their potential harm and addictiveness - they're put into three catagories 

presciption drugs - legally accepted with doctor's consent

recreational drugs - drugs taken for fun

addictive - causing mental or physical dependency that is har to over come

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Drug categories

Class A: Posession = 7 years in prison and/or unlimited fine. Supplying = lifetime in prison and/or unlimited fine

Class B: Posession = 5 years in prison and/or unlimited fine. Supplying = 14 years in prison and/or unlimited fine

Class C: Posession = 2 years in prison and/or unlimited fine. Supplying = 5 in prison and/or unlimited fine

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Legal Drugs

Caffeine, tobacco, alcohol, paracetamol, aspirin, insulin, antibiotics, morphine (used to cure pain in hospitals) and steroids.

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Tobacco & Smoking

!5 million adults smoke and 805 of those started in their teens.

330 people a day die from smoking related problems, that's 120,000 a year.

17,000 children are treated for passive smoking problems.

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Alcohol & Drinking

a depressent, but relaxing too.

Damage the liver serverly.

9/10 adults drink in britain.

28,00 people die with alcohol related problems.

£150 million is spen because of alcohol related problems by the NHS.

Adults are allowed a certain amount of units per week: 14 for women and 21 for men.

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Cigarettes have 80% tax.

Alcohol is also taxed but not as highly.

They are so highly taxed to try and put people off buying them although it sometimes leads to families spending less on necessities instead.

Somje of the money from the taxes goes toward the NHS and the other parts back into other areas of public spending such as education.

Cost of rehab and quitting - £111 million.

Cost of treating drinking and smoking problems for the NHS -£2.7 billion

Money raised from taxes - £8 billion

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Reasons for taking drugs

curiosity, peer pressure, stress, family problems, lack of knowledge, boredom, help to stay awake.

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Consequences of taking drugs

worry for them, damaging the body, death, mental illness, violence. (and in extreme case: crime to fund habit, homelessness, prostition, making damaging choices)

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