Religious Attitudes to Drugs

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Religious Attitudes to Drugs: Keywords

Drug - a substance which, when taken affects the body or mind

Prescription Drug - a drug legally obtained only with doctors consent

Drug abuse - using drugs in a way that harms the user

Illegal drugs - drugs which are illegal tp possess, sell or use

Social drugs - legal drugs which are still addictive such as alcohol, nicotine and caffeine etc

Legal drugs - drugs that can be purchased legally, some have age restrictions

Solvents - some aerosols, glue and gas lighters refills abused by sniffing, can cause hallucinations and can be fatal

Caffeine - a mild legal stimulant found in coffee, chocolate etc

Drug Classification - three legal categories by which illegal drugs are classified in British law according to the level of harm they do and how addictive they are

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Religious Attitudes to Drugs: Keywords

Cannabis - it used to be class B before going down to class C but after it was used by smoking it as a joint and the avilability of skunk (a potent form of the cannabis plant. One of around 100 varieties) it was then put back at class B



Rehabilitation - a process of getting a person off drugs so they are no longer dependent

Class A - Ectasy, Heroin, LSD, Cocaine

Class B - Cannabis, Speed

Class C - Steroids, Tranquillisers

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Religious Attitudes to Drugs: Facts


  • Rachel Whityear - case study
  • If you are addicted to a drug it becomes most important thing to you, over God
  • Alcohol and tabacco brings money into the economy to pay for NHS as the taxes on them contributes to public services, including the NHS
  • People might take it because of:
    • Peer presure
    • relaxes them
    • addictive
    • enjoyment
    • to make friends
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Religious Attitudes to Drugs: Rehabilitation


  • Centres to help with addiction
  • Not religious
  • Hope House (example)
  • Christian morals
  • Alcohol and drugs
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Religious Attitudes to Drugs: Religious Beliefs


  • Most christians do not forbid drinking alcohol
  • Jesus turned water into the beat kind of wine
  • What God condemns is getting drunk as you must be in control of your body and not controlled by anything
  • Smoking is not forbidden, it is the individuals choice. However christians believe it will harm your body which God has created
  • Your body is a temple
  • They believe you can over come addiction if you ask God
  • Your mind needs to be focused on God
  • Methadists don't drink as it damages, most are in the salvation army where they witness the damage it causes
  • Majority drink in moderation
  • Some are teetotallers as of the damage it could cause
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Religious Attitudes to Drugs: Religious Beliefs


  • Alcohol is completly forbidden
  • It makes the mind unfit to concentrate of Allah and his duties of being a Muslim
  • Many don't smoke as of the harm it causes their body
  • The only time smoking if forbidden is in Ramadan
  • Your body is a temple
  • Haram - Forbidden
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Religious Attitudes to Drugs: Quotes


  • "Your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit"
  • "Wine is a mocker, beer is a brawler, whoever is led astray by them is not wise"
  • "It is not the healthy that need a doctor but the sick"
  • "Do not get drunk on wine which will only ruin you"


  • "Concerning wine and gambling in them is great sin. The sin is greater than the profit"
  • "Intoxicants and gambling are seen as grevious sin"


  • "Wine enters, sense goes out   Wine enters, secrets come out"
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