religious studies unit 1 - section 1 islam/ christianity

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islam injustice

- all muslims must give zakhat . zakhat promotes equailty by transrferring money from rich to poor

- SAWN ,  muslims fast during the month of ramadaan , this helps muslims to empathize with people who starve everyday.

- all muslims are exected to pray 5 times a day , this is called alat ,every muslim must do it , no matter how wealthy or powerful. ( equality)

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christianity - injustice

- " whoever closes his ear to the poor , when he himself calls out , will not be ansered  "

- faith without action is meaningless - if you beleive in god , you must help ALL his people

- all humans are made from god , therefore you must help everyone.

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islam - prejudice and discrimination

-GOLDEN RULE  - "want for your brother what you would want for yourself "

- women have the same right as men , but men are above them in status ( qur'an )

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chrisitanity - prejudice and discrimination

- do not mistreat a foreigner in your land for you were once a foreigner in the land of egypt .

- there is no greek nor jew , slave nor free , mae or female for you are all one in jesus christ.

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