religious community cohesion and marriage and relationships

Sex outside marriage


  • adultery is banned in the 10 commandments
  • sex is an act of love and commitment within a marriage
  • the Roman Catholic Church forbids pre-marital- grave sin
  • Protestants accept times have changed and accept cohabitation
  • Bible forbids pre-maritel sex


  • Qur'an dissaproves it
  • Shari'ah law says sex is only for married couples
  • Sex is to have children who should be raised by a married couple
  • Adultery is condemned in the Qur'an
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Christian Beliefs-

  • Recognise not all marriages work - Jesus allows divorce
  • Some orthodox christians and liberal protestants will permit divorce if they think its the most loving thing to do
  • Roman Catholic church :
  • Does not accept divorce (Jesus said it was wrong)
  • If a marriage has broken down they can live apart but must stay married
  • In some cases they are allowed annulment

Islamic Beliefs-

  • Muhammad said it is "the most hated of all lawful things"
  • Family pressure due to arranged marriage
  • Judged on how they treat their children (divorce hurts children)
  • Qur'an and Shari'ah law allows divorce
  • It is the 'lesser of two evils'
  • Marriage is a contract with clauses outling what happens in divorce
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Family life


  • Family was created by God
  • The old testament refers to the importance of a family
  • Jesus was a member of a family - cared for his parents
  • One of the purposes of marriage
  • Family is 'the bedrock of a stable society'


  • Muhammad had a family and muslims want to follow his example
  • Family is where children learn right from wrong
  • Children are a gift from Allah
  • Family is created by Allah
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christian views-

  • catholic - only homosexual RELATIONSHIPS are a sin
  • The bible forbids sam sex relationships
  • everyone is a child of god
  • evangelical protestants- homosexuality is a sin. prayer meetings to cure homosexuals
  • Bible says 'those who do unnatural things with someone of the same sex should be punished
  • christs can remove all sins including homosexuality
  • liberal protestants- lifelong homosexual relationsare acceptable
  • Bible needs to be interpreted for todays society

Islamic views-

  • condemned in the Qur'an and by Muhammad
  • lawful sex is only between man and woman - sex is to reproduce
  • Islam is a religion of tolerance
  • People are born homosexual. Allah wanted them this way- Gods creation
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christian attitudes-

  • catholic - do not accept the use of artificial contraception- prevent new life
  • 1930 catholics banned from contraception
  • Pope says they can use natural contraception
  • non-catholic- contraceptions allowed to prevent family growth
  • nothing the bible forbidding it
  • all forms allowed by married couple the chance to enjoy sexual love


  • Qur'an 'do not kill your children for fear of want'
  • sex is for procreation
  • some contraceptions abort the foetus- seen as murder
  • Muslim duty is to have a large family
  • Allah would not want his followers burdened
  • If a woman knows she could die by having a child classes a suicide
  • abortion is different to contraception
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  • Catholic- women and men should be equal - only men can be priests
  • Men and women created on the same day - made in Gods image so equal
  • Jesus's closest followers were all male and priests follow on from them
  • protestant- St paul teaches women should not speak or teach in church
  • Men made before women so they have more rights
  • Jesus treated women as equal
  • Men and women are equal in Gods eyes


  • Men are stronger - women designed for birth
  • Only men became imams
  • Qur'an teaches both are equal
  • Muhammad allowed women in the mosque to worship
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Racial Harmony


  • The bible opens with Gods creation of the world- prejudice and discrimination are wrong
  • Jesus says you should help everyone no matter their race or religion
  • Christians leaders of all races and colours
  • Everyone is equal in Gods eyes


  • First prayer caller was black African
  • All humans are made by God
  • Muhammad said all Muslims are mothers with each other
  • Islam is a worldwide religion with all races
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multi-faith society


  • learn more about other relations
  • Seeing others commited to their own religion makes people think about their faith more
  • People become more understanding 
  • more religious tolerance


  • Conversion- teachings of religion can be in conflict with each other
  • Bringing up children can be hard because they may not listen to their parents but to people with different faiths
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