religiosity in the contemporary world

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Affects religion in different ways

  • Marginalisation- religion has been pushed out of politics and public life and into the private sphere in the UK, there is a debate over how much influence (if any ) religion should have over politics
  • Particularism- religion has been used by groups who feel threatened by globalisation, they use it to express a sense of identity through a mix of fundamentalism and nationalism. 
  • Universalism- globalisation can result in the emergence of an unerstanding of common values between religions. Beyer gives the example of religious Environmentalism in which many faiths come together in common concern.
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Religion and National boundaries

  • Due to globalisation national boundaries are being broken down- which means that national identity and religious identity are now less closely linked than they once were. 
  • For most people in the UK Christanity is no longer seen as being linked to ideas of 'brtitshness'. In contrast Nanda (2008) argues worshipping Hindu Gods is now closley linked to nationlalism in India. 
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Global movements

Some global movements may be a reation to poverty and exclusions


  • ^^ is chosen by it's memebers so have  stronger religious identity and commitment 
  • It benefits from the positive aspects of globalisation and so is associated with change and growth
  • Christianity appeals to the poor and powerless as it emphasises the importance of self discipline and loyalty to the nuclear family. 
  • Pentecostalism is international - no ties to any country
  • All member have equal status


  • born into and can result in feeling less commitment to it as you were born into it 
  • .It was slower than Pentecostalism to take advantage of new technologies.
  • The Chruch is enromously wealthy
  • Catholicism is seen as a strongyl associated political power
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Peter Berger

Says we need to rethink the Secularisation Theory

  • Secularisation is to eurocentric- focus on europe too much as religious belief ele where is growing 
  • The USA is highly religious so this proves the idea modernisation leads to secualrisation to be worng.
  • Berger says we ahve seen extreme pluralism not secularisation 

Globalisation changes the way religions work. 

  • Modern technology can be used to help spread their message across; internet etc. 
  • David Lyon(postmodernist 2000) says religion has relocated to the sphere of consumption , argues religion has become a consumer product- people can now 'pick and mix'
  • Global connection could lower conflict as religions could talk to one another.
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Giddens (1991) argues that globalisation creates insecurity doubt , due to it's conflicting and confusing messages. 

However Fundamentalism teachings offer a simple reliable world view. This involves the fundamental liberal interpretation of religious texts and gives a set of strict rules to live by.

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