Religion, poverty and wealth.

This topic includes...

  • Causes of hunger, poverty and disease
  • Christians views about the use of money
  • Moral and immoral occupations
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Religion, poverty and wealth

  • Charity- To give help or money to those in need
  • Compassion- Sympathy and concern for others.
  • Ecumenical- Different Christian denominations working together
  • Immoral- Not conforming to accepted standars of behaviour.
  • Moral- Conforming to accepted standards f behaviour.
  • LEDC- Less Economically developed countries.
  • MEDC- More economically developed countries.
  • Philanthropist- Someone who donates money, goods, services or time to help a cause which benefits society.
  • Tithe- The christian practice of giving a tenth of their income to charity.
  • Trade restriction- Restrictions made by one country about the amounts and types of goods it will allow into the country from other countries.
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