Religion in the Simpsons

Religious characters in the simpsons and their roles

Specific Relgious Episodes

Accuracy of the portrayal or Religion in the Simpsons

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Reverend Timothy Lovejoy

  • Minister of 'First Church of Springfield' - Protestant
  • During one episode Lovejoy "just stopped caring," but rediscovered the joy of helping others.

  •  Ned really annoys him and even suggests Ned join another religion, as Lovejoy says they are all much the same.

  • His tolerant side is demonstrated when he performs a marriage for Hindus - he believes Hindus are a Christian group 

  • He believes

    that Jesus has commanded his followers to respect all people in his statement "Christ is Christ", and agreed to marry Apu and Manjula on the basis that he believes all people should take part in matrimony
  • He co-hosts a religious radio program with Krusty the Klown's Father and admits evolution may be true.

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Reverend Timothy Lovejoy

  • When Lisa Simpson converts to Buddhism, he refers to her as 'Marge Simpson's Devil-Daughter
  • He is especially intolerant of the Roman Catholic Church as he is shown brawling with a priest
  •   He also helps kidnap Bart to keep him from converting to Catholicism.
  •   Lovejoy is firmly opposed to same sex marriage and declared that he couldn't marry two people of the same sex any more than he could put a hamburger on a hot dog bun.
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abbie connolly


this is good for religious studies media, helping me to consider an example.

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