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the kingdom of god

the kingdom of god is ...

  • where god's greatness and authority are accepted, not just in heaven but in the hearts of his followers.
  • it is not a place
  • it is a way of living pur lives, of finding god in our hearts, of having certain qualities,of teathing others in a particular way.
  • a reward- enternal life for those who had lived their livves on earth as good christians
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the parable of the sower

  • again jesus began to teach beside lake galilee. the crowd that gathered aroung him was so large that he got into a boat and sat in it . the boat was out of the water.
  • he used parables to teach them many things, saying to them:
  • "listen! oncer there was a man who went out to sow corn
  • as he scattered the seed in the field some of it fell along the path birds came and ate it up.
  • some of it fell on rocky ground where there was little soil, the seeds soon sprouted beacuse the soil hasent deep
  • then the sun came up it burnt the young plants and because the roots had not grown deep enough, the plants soon dried up.
  • some of the seed feel amoung thorn bushes, which grew up and choked plants, and they did not produce any corn
  • but some seeds fell in good soil and sprouted,gre and produced corn;some has 30 grains, others 60 and others hundred
  • and jesus concluded " listen, then, if you have ears!"
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  • the seed represent the gospel, the good news of the kingdom of god. the places where the seed lands represent the differnt ways in which peop-le respond to the gospel
  • path=hear the gosel but do not respond
  • rocky places=exited initially but enthusiasm wears off
  • amoung thorns=hear the gospel but are too absorbed in everyday problems
  • good soil= people who hear the gospel, respond to it and it becomes central to their lives.

the parable of the mustard seed

  • kog is like a mustard seed, the smallest seed
  • yet it grows into the largest of plants
  • so the big birds of the air rest in its branches
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  • this is about the kingdom earth-it began with one person-jesus
  • it has spread to every part of the world. these birds represent the gentiles who will also enter the kingdom of god
  • jesus was saying there that the kingdom of god is universal( for everyone, not just the jews)
  • through jesus' love for people, his healing miracles and his exorcisms, he made the kingdom of god present in the word
  • the kingdom is present today whem people live acccoroding to the vaules of the kingdom for example: love , mercy, forgiveness and compassion

sayings of the kingdom

  • after john had been put inprison, jesus went to galilee and preached the good news from god
  • "the right time has come" he said "and the kingdom of god is near! turn away from your sins and believe the good news!"
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  • at the beginning of mark's gospel jesus is asking people for a change of heart (repent) to leave their old bad ways behind them and start afresh with god. te kingdom of god demands a new set of vaules
  • repent-come back to god and change direction of your life
  • believe in the good news- live as god wants (10 commands) with justice and real love of neighbour

jesus and the children

  • the children are rebuked by disciples for coming to jesus, but jesus calls them to him
  • anyone who does not recevive the kingdom of god like a little child will never enter, he blessed them
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  • the children trust jesus as we should trust god. we must be childlike in our trust in god
  • we must receive the kingdom of god just as a child receives a gift, with a deep gratitude and humility
  • we must possess the qualties of a child. we must be innocent, kind,generous,have true love and show compassion
  • a disciple must become servant of all and be like a child
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the enrty into the kingdom ( rich young man)

  • man asks"good teacher what must i do to inherit eternal life"
  • jesus repiles" why call me good?"
  • one one is good expect god alone
  • you know commandments
  • man declares he has kept them
  • jesus looked and loved him n said " you lack one thing, go sell everything,give money to the poor n came follow me
  • man went away sad
  • jesus says it is easier for a campel to pass through an eye of an needle than a rich man to enter the kingdom of god
  • disciples worried, jesus says none who have left anything to follow him will fail to receive family, friends and persecutions and hundred times in this age and in the age to come eternal life
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  • the man could not sacrifice his wealth for god
  • jesus did recognise the man pocessessed the qualties of goodness. the only thing the man needed was to become a follower of jesus
  • it is hard for people to enter the kingdom of god
  • disciples have made total sacrifice and they will be rewared
  • jesus is not teaching that each person who follower him must give up all that he/she has
  • he is teaching that discipleship and entry into the kingdom demands a total commitment
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the greatest commandments

  • a lawyer asked of all commandments
  • which is the most important?" jesus says " hear o israel, the lord is one. love god with all your heart and soul and mind and strength and your neignbour as yourself" this is the greatest commandment
  • the lawyer sais he was right
  • this was more important than burnt offerings and sacrifices.jesus said the lawyer was not far from the kingdom of god


  • commandments were crucial for jewish faith but loving god and eachother is most imporant
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