Religion Experiences

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A vision is an individual believing that they have seen or heard something supernatural or  supernatural being

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Religious Experience

Is a personal experience which leads to a life change and serves as a demonstration, for the subject, of the existence of a spiritual realm

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Corporeal Vision

Where the vision is externally present.

For example, St Bernadette sees the immaculate conception at Lourdes

For example, Muhammad recieves the recitation of the Qu'ran hears/sees the angel in an external way

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Intellectual Vision

This vision is which brings knowledge and understanding from God

For Example, Julian of Norwich (who is a religious mystic) She had a vision of a hazel nut shaped object. She learnt that God loves every creation he made whether it is so small.

For Example, The revelation of John, he had a vision of the end of the world. He was in a cave, on a Greek island. He understood the happening of the end of the world.

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Imaginery Vision

This is where the vision is in the minds eye

For Example, Jacobs Ladder. A vision in which a ladder reaches towards Heaven.

For Example, Matthew, Angel of the lord told Joseph to leave to solve the young

For Example, Jacob wrestling the angel. Wanted the angel to bless him so wouldn't let him go.

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William James' 4 Characteristics

1. Ineffable

2. Transitory

3. Noetic

4. Passive

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