Religion and State

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  • The Ten Commandments
  • Jesus taught it was important to love God with all your heart, mind and strength
  • Love your neighbour as oneself
  • Good Samaritan - treat others how you want to be treated
  • Christians are expected to use their talents wisely 


  • Dharma (duty) is an important aim in life. If you complete then moksha is achieved
  • Dharma depends on ashrama (stage of life) E.g. students have the duty to learn at school
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Aims and purposes of punishment


  • Humans were created with free choice to accept or reject God's ways
  • Jesus taught to forgive
  • To gain justice punishment must be given and forgiveness sought
  • Most believe at the end of life God will be the final judge


  • Any sin is against the dharma of self-control and religious and social duty
  • Most believe to gain justice punishment must be given and forgiveness sought
  • Many consider that a wrong act will produce bad karma which will have an effect on the atmans reincarnation or transmigration
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Capital Punishment


  • All life is sacred
  • God has the only right to take life
  • Old Testament teaches 'an eye for an eye'
  • Ten Commandments: 'thou shalt not kill'
  • Life is sacred and punishments should be used to reform


  • Used to depend on the caste
  • Goes against ahimsa (non-violence)
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How should we deal with offenders?

  • Try and reform them to change their behaviour
  • The punishment should fit the crime
  • Should punish them so the law is upheld
  • Not get our own back, "Repay no one evil for evil" (Romans 12:17)
  • Compassion, Jesus taught forgiveness not judging others
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Is it ever right to take a life?

  • God decides when life can end
  • Might be the wrong person killed
  • Depends on circumstances and if its for the greater good - Just War
  • Many sacred texts say it is wrong to take a life
  • If someone takes a life theirs should be taken as vindication
  • All human life is sacred and belongs to God
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Why should we obey authority?

  • Dont want to be punished
  • Society runs smoothly
  • Ensure there can be a Just society
  • Bible states to follow the law of the country
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What influence do sacred texts have?

  • Live your life by Jesus's teachings
  • Some may regard them not being completely true
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How far should people follow authority of the writ

  • Scriptures were written a long time ago and dont relate to today
  • They are true so should always be followed
  • Important but need to be interpreted for modern-day situations
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What if the authority is wrong?

  • I do as my conscience tells me to
  • Religious believers (Marting Luther King Jr and Gandhi) show is it important to stand up against authority if it is wrong
  • Authority is divinely chosen so we should obey it
  • Founders of religion (Jesus) spoke against authority they considered wrong
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What if the law conflicts with religious beliefs?

  • Jesus showed the importance of being a good citizen by obeying authority and God
  • Ask a religous leader if you think something is wrong
  • Religious believers will make judgements on which is the greater authority
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Sacred texts


  • Made up of old and new testament
  • Some believe the Bible is the word of God some think God speaks through the text


  • Known as 'The Song of the Lord'
  • Sometimes wrapped in a silk cloth
  • Has been made into comic books and videos of the stories
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How can human rights be maintained?

  • Everyone acting on their conscience
  • Campaigning when rights arent maintained
  • Lobbying parliament
  • Interfaith dialogue where religions join together to protest
  • By everyone supporting the right of justice for others
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How can people get justice for others?

  • Through prayer
  • Through campaigns using petitions, and protests
  • Joining organisations
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What makes people try to get justice for others?

  • Conscience tells them to
  • Obey teachings on duty from sacred texts
  • Believe God will reward them in this life or the next
  • Consider it important to act fairly to all of Gods creations
  • Treat others how you want to be treated
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Should everyone have the same human rights?

  • Yes, God created everyone
  • All deserve the same if we are to be equal
  • Could be impossible because it depends on where you were born
  • Depends what happened in a past life
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