Religion and Science



  • God put humans in charge of other animals - they can do what they like with them.
  • Animals don't have a soul and cannot have a relationship with God.
  • Human well-being is more important than animals. If we can cure illnesses through animal testing, we should
  • God blessed Adam and Eve and told them to fill the Earth and subdue it.
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  • God created animals, therefore deserve respect.
  • Humans were out in charge of other animals to look after them, not to harm them.
  • Animals can feel pain and Christians should not inflict unnecessary suffering on anything.
  • After each day of creation, God said 'it is good'.
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Why is animal testing wrong?

Animals are killed and mistreated for many reasons in order to benefit humans. The majority of us eat animals, although some people choose to be vegetarians or vegans. Some animals that are kept for food are treated badly. We use animals to test medicines and cosmetics, which can cause great suffering. Many people hunt animals for sport or food, and animals are used for our entertainment in things like horse racing and circuses.

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Christianity and the Environment

Christians have different beliefs about the environment. Some believe in stewardship - that God put humans in charge of his creation to take care of it.

Others believe in dominion - that God gave control over his creation and they can use it to suit their needs (stewardship and dominion also apply to the issue of animal rights).

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Evidence for Stewardship

  • God spends five days creating the world before he makes humans. Each day he says it is good. Genesis 1
  • Man has a responsibility for the environment, for Gods creation, not only for the present but the further generations. Pope John Paul II.
  • Jesus said "love your neighbour". Human happiness and health are threatened by environmental problems.
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Evidence for Dominion

  • Part of Genesis suggests that the purpose of the environment is to supply human needs.
  • Jesus saved a man by casting out a demon which then invaded a herd of pigs, causing them to drown.
  • It does not matter how man behaves to animals because God has put all creatures under man's power. Aquinas.
  • God says to humans, 'be fruitful and multiply, fill the Earth and subdue it, have dominion over every living thing'. Genesis 1
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Possible soloutions to Environmental problems

  • Use public transport like buses and trains, instead of private cars.
  • Walk or ride your bike instead of driving.
  • Build wind farms and hydroelectric plants
  • Recycle
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