Religion and science

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Flat earth creationists - refer to people who believe the earth is flat with a dome of water, genesis story is literal

Young earth creationists - believe the earth was literaly created in seven days

Omphalos - suggests the earth is less than 10000 years old but made to look older

Progressive creationism - argues that god put scientific processes such as evolution in place

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Big bang.

13.7 billion years ago the universe sprang into being from a singularity

Singularities are believed to be centers of black holes

Huge forces squashed tge material in the centre of these black holes together

This squashed matter then became very hot and expanded

As the matter expanded and cooled down tge pieces and formed stars and planets

But scientists do not know what exested before this singularity or what caused the big bang to occur

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Spieces change over time to suit their environments some die out.

1. a species is made up from individuals with different characteristics

2. sppeicies tend to inrease in size with each generation

3. nature tests each species through things like predators disease and lack of food

4. nature seems to be kinder to some speices

5. it is therefore esier for these species to survive and care for their offspring

6. all ofspring inherit traits from their parents

7. darwin calls this natural selection

8. over a long period of time natural selection would make a species change

9. this ultimately bringsd about new species

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Intelligent design and irriducable complexity.

ID - refers to the belief that the universe and living things are the result of an intentional intellegent cause rather than the result of a random process such as natural selection.

IC - idea that there are some natural things which cant be explained by saying they have evolved argument stated by Behe.

Darwin argued:  every living thing has evolved from simpler original version of itself.

Behe - some living organisms that are so complicated that even if one part was taken away it would not work.

Is evolution one of gods tools?

Many religious belivers say yes.

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