Religion and Science

The topic of religion and science.

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What do liberal scientists believe?

What do liberal believers believe?

What are two different approaches to scientific study as proof?

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  • Liberals believe that their belief system contains truths however these truths may need interpreting and developing as things change.
  • Liberal scientists agree that while their theories can, at least in part explain how things happened they do not neccessarily explain why.
  • Liberal Believers believe they have why - they may accept scientific evidence as proof that God did a good job when creating the universe.
  • It is possible to be a believer and a scientist.
  • Liberal Believers believe that the stories in the scripture are Allegories - giving the true message that God created the world bu putting it in a way that people could easily understand without scientific knowledge.
  • They also believe that the more scientific knowledge is acquired the more we find out about God. And one day, scientific study can prove God's existence.
  • Other liberals may believe that God is beyond proof but scientific study can help us to appreciate God's creation.
  • Science and religion are two parts of the same process of seeking the truth
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Key Words in Science and Religion




Natural selection

The Fall





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Creation The name given to the idea that the universe and its contents were made by God

Cosmology The study of the universe

Evolution Darwin's theory that life forms have not always had the forms they have now

Natural selection The idea that the development and size of a population is contolled by its own fitness for survival

The Fall The name given to Adam and Eve's eating of the fruit from the tree of Knowledge; the fall from the Grace of God to the imperfect state of the world today.

Allegory A story which  may be fictional in its details but carries a true message about the nature of things

Fundamentalism The idea that there is only one correct way of looking at things

Liberalism Taking a broad-minded attitude and accepting not everyone may agree with each other

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