Religion and Science

Stewardship, Animals, Creation and Evolution

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  • Earth belongs to God, He put humans in charge of looking after it.
  • People have the role of stewards (like caretakers).
  • Overusing resources or destroying habitats is abuse of God's trust

Christians can act as good stewards by:

  • Recycling
  • Product choice e.g. fair-trade
  • Being energy efficient
  • Getting involved in conservation groups

"The Earth is the Lord's and everything in it, the world and all who live in it"

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Christians believe:

  • as rulers of animals it is acceptable to use them for our benefit BUT humans have a responsibility to ensure animals are cared for.
  • unnecessary or abusive use goes against Christian teaching.
  • most believe it is acceptable if the use of animals helps to care for humans or save their lives.
  • they believe it's acceptable when used in drug/disease research

God said humans will have power over all the animals, they can eat them and wear their skins.

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Christian beliefs of creation

"God created the Heavens and the Earth"

  • Most believe God created the universe from nothing.
  • Some believe He used matter which already existed.
  • Some believe the creation story is literal.
  • Some believe it's like a parable and they also look at science to explain it.

God made fish and birds on the fifth day and humans and animals on the sixth.

Many scientists think you can agree with science and religion.


Creationism is when people literally believe Genesis.

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Cosmology is the study of the universe.

  • Big Bang Theory states that the universe started with a massive explosion 16-18 billion years ago.
  • This theory suggests creation just happened, which is an argument some literal Christians put across.
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St Augustine said God could have only created simple life forms which have evolved.

  • Darwin wrote 'On Origin of Species'
  • Natural Selection is the belief that evolution works by a mutation which is strongest that the weaker animals and so this one survives.
  • Evolution is supported by fossils but some say they were put there by God to fool people who didn't believe in Him.
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