Religion And Science

Beliefs about the origins of the world

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Christian Beliefs

Some Christians Believe That The World Was Created Exactly As Described In The Book Of Genesis In The Bible.

  • It was created in six days.
  • God made it out of nothing.
  • All living things were made as seperate species from the beginning.
  • Men and Women have a special place in creation.
  • Adam and Eve were the first people and they disobeyed God.

Other Christians Believe That The Story Of Genesis Should Not Be Taken Seriously Because:

  • It disagrees with scientific theories.
  • Fossil evidence suggests animals evolved gradually.
  • It is difficult for modern people to believe.
  • They think the book of Genesis is a myth and contains truth, but is not an accurate description of what really happened.

Christian Views About People And Animals:

  • People are superior to other animals.
  • People are made 'in the image of God' (Genesis 1:27) and have souls, unlike animals.
  • Human life is sacred, but animal life is not.

Christians Believe They Should Protect The Environment Because:

  • They were put on the Earth to act as stewards, to take care of the planet.
  • They should show love to other people, including future generations
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