Religion & Prejudice

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Religion & Prejudice

Key Terms

Discrimination: Acting on prejudice

Harmony: Living in peace with others

Tolerance: Respecting beliefs and practices of others

Ahimsa: Principle of non-violence to any living thing

Apartheid: Separateness. South Africa's way of keeping black and white people separate

Scapegoating: Blaming certain groups for the problems in society

Prejudice: Thinking badly of someone because of the group she/he belongs to

Stereotyping: Having an over-simplified mental image of people and applying it to everyone

'Love your neighbour as yourself' (The Good Samaritan) 

'All people are as equal as the teeth of a comb' 


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Religion & Prejudice

Laws against discrimination                             

  • Sex Discrimination Act
  • Race Relations Act
  • Disability Discrimination Act
  • Equality Act 
  • Religion and Racial Hatred Act

Stephen Laurence- Killed in 1993 by youths because he was black. Met Police assumed it was his fault because he was a black youth so didn't ring an ambulance straight away. 

Anglican Church won't allow women to be bishops- they don't see this as discrimination but that women have different roles to play. 

Christians- believe tat God created men and women in his own image and everyone is of equal value. 'There is nor Jew nor Gentile, nor male or female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus' 

Islam- believe that Allah created all people equal regardless of their race, gender or background. On a pligrimage to Mecca everyone dresses equally so that everyone appears equal.

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Religion & Prejudice

The Corrymeela Community 

Founded by Catholic and Protestant Christians in Northern Ireland. They promote peace, tolerance and respect by providing a place where people from different religions can meet and talk freely. 

Mahatma Gandhi

Personally experienced prejudice under the apatheid laws. Promoted peaceful protest. 

Martin Luther King

Determined to fight prejudice without using violence. 

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