Religion and Planet Earth

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What you need to know for the exam

Describe the environmental problems and their implications for  the future of the planet; emissions, pollution, destruction of natural habitat and deforestation, use and abuse of natural resources

Describe the work being done to look after the world, such as conservation, Earth Summits, international action, targets to reduce carbon emissions or greenhouse gases and susutainable development

Explain religious beliefs about the origins of life and their implications for the care of and responsibility for the planet - stewardship

Explain religious views about the nature of planet Earth (awe and wonder)

Explain the debate about climate change and describe the effects on the planet, such as severe weather, droughts, floods, famine, destruction of crops, effects on plants and animals

Explain religious attitudes and responses to these issues, using religious texts, teachinga and arguments were appropiate.

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Words 1

Acid rain- rain made by acid contamination through pollution in the atmosphere as the result of emissions from factories, vechicles, power stations

Awe- a feeling of respet, insight into meaning greater than oneself

Carbon emissions - release of greenhouse gases, such as carbon monoxide from vehicles into the atmosphere

Climate change- the idea that the climate is getting warmer

Conservation- looking after the environment and protecting animals

Deforestation- the cutting down of large amounts of forest, usually because of business needs

Droughts- long periods of abnormally low rainfall

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Words 2

Earth Summits- informal name for United Nations Conferences on Environmental and Development

Global  Warming- the scientific concept that the world is getting warmer

Greenhouse effect- the trapping of heat from the sun in the lower atmosphere due to an increase in carbon dioxide, methane and other pollution

Natural habitats- the places where species of plants and animals live in the wild

Oil spills- leaking of oil into the environment usually the sea

Pesticides- substance used to destroy insects and pests that attack crops

Pollution- the contamination of something especially the environment

Recycling- reusing old products to make new ones

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Words 3

Responsibility- duty, the idea that we are in charge of our own actions

Stewardship- the idea that believers have a duty to look after the environment on behalf of God

Sustainable development- development which takes into consideration the impact on the natural world for future generations

Toxic chemicals- poisonous chemicals

Wonder- marvelling at the complexity and beauty of the universe

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Genesis 1:1

God created the Heavens and the Earth.

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Genesis 2

God created the heavens and the Earth

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