Religion and Multicultural Society

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What does multicultural society mean?

A multicultural society is a location consisting of many cultures, races and religions.

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What does immigration mean?

To immigrate means to move to another country with intention to life there.

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Why do people choose to immigrate to Great Britain

  • Economic Opportunities (Jobs, Business prospects etc)
  • Freedom to practice their religion (This supports one of the UDHR's articles)
  • Encouragement from the UK Government
  • Safety from invasion and terrorism
  • Escaping political torture
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Why does Britain accept immigrants?

  • Human Rights have been breached
  • Immigrants can complete lower paid jobs and work harder for them
  • To be with friends and family
  • Contribution to the economy
  • Foreign Workers can be highly skilled
  • People can be protected from unnecessary torture, war and violence
  • Reflects well on the moral of Britain, creating bonds between other countries.
  • Wide variety of cultures can be experienced
  • Ignorance/discrimination is overcome
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What issues can there be with immigrants?

  • Increase in the likelihood of terrorism and rioting
  • Overpopulation of the country
  • The British economy can be drained as more claim benefits
  • Less space in schools and for housing
  • The language barrier - many immigrants do not speak English
  • Friction between particular ethnic groups is likely to occur
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What does politics mean?

Politics are the activities or affairs involved in the managing of a government and the making of decisions that affect others' lives.

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Religious attitudes to Politics


Buddhists are involved in politics in Sri Lanka and the government is closely linked with the Buddhist community. The Buddhist monks are not encouraged to be actively involved in Politics.


Lots of British Christians are involved in Politics. In 2001, an organisation called 'Christians in Politics' was created to encourage Christian involvement in the political parties. Annually they hold a Westminster Carol Service to encourage churches to have a Politics Sunday. Many Christians disagree with the mixing of Religion and Politics.

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Are there any religious quotes regarding Politics?


'A man should hasten towards the good and restrain from evil,'

Basically, this means that people should prevent the spread of evil actions, thoughts and views and promote the spread of goodness.


'A ruler of the land is put there by God so should be obeyed,'

A ruler should be respected as he along with everyone else has been put there by God.

The ten commandments have formed the basis of laws of nations. Therefore a religious law has become a political law.

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Should Religion and Politics mix?


  • It's important to protect religious freedom
  • Terrorism and Extremism may be prevented
  • Politicians can learn to think about others
  • The Government has the right to influence people on moral issues
  • Religion can be represented at conferences, allowing their views to get across
  • It's important to have just laws and honesty in Government


  • Members of certain faiths may take offence at some of the suggestions
  • Politics is a struggle for power, whereas Religion takes spiritual thoughts into account - they are two different walks of life
  • Political and Religious views may conflict one another
  • Laws, that don't reflect what most peope believe, may be created.
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What is a state religion?

A state religion is the official religion of a country. In Great Britain, the state religion is Christianity.

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Should the Anglican Church deserve high recognitio


  • It is seen by many as a historical tradition to treat the church well
  • It's part of British culture and heritage


  • We live in a multicultural society and everyone deserves the freedom of choice
  • State occassions should reflect all faiths rather than just one having all the 'glory'
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What is a blasphemy law?

A blasphemy law prevents talk or behaviour that insults deities. This law only applies to the Church of England.

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Why do people think the current law on blasphemy i

  • Violates the human right of 'Freedom of Expression' - if they offend, they'll have to accept the consequences
  • The law only applies to the Church of England
  • The smallest things seem to cause much stress, controversy and aggravation - people could get punished for the minuet phrases.
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Why should blasphemy laws cover all religions?

  • Method of protection
  • Provides safety and security to innocent people, allowing them to enjoy living life in Britain
  • Equality for all
  • The introduction of the law for all religions would support the human right of 'Freedom from torture and persecution'
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Define asylum seekers and refugees

An asylum seeker is seeking to be recognised as a refugee and requests permission to live safely in another country, usually an MEDC. (Eg. Great Britain, America, Germany etc)

A refugee is someone who flees from their home in search of safety and security.

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Where are most asylum seekers from? Why would they

The vast majority of asylum seekers are from:

  • Afghanistan
  • Iraq
  • Iran
  • China

Most would have fled due to persecution, torture, religious war and friction or discrimination.

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What does segregation mean?

Segregation is the separation of one ethnic group from the vast majority. They are often treated poorly and are subject to discrimination and abuse. An example of this would be the poor treatment of the Jewish community by the Nazis, in World War 2.

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What does interegration mean?

Interegation is the action of joining ethnic groups to a much wider community.

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What does political correctness mean?

If you are politically correct, you are saying the correct information at the right time avoding offence to a particular ethnic group.

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What is a faith community?

A faith community is a group of people belonging to the same religion. Examples of faith communites include:

  • Christian Aid
  • Islamic Relief
  • Tzu Chi
  • Religions for Peace
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Should we accept asylum seekers?


  • They're fleeing from torture. If we send them back, they could get seriously hurt.
  • They may not be able to practice their religion in peace in their homeland.
  • People can bring new skills and talents to the country.
  • Accepting asylum seekers, will reflect well on Britain, forming strong bonds between other countries.


  • Risk of overpopulation
  • Housing and school places are reduced
  • High risk of terrorism
  • They could be severe effects on the people who already live there.
  • Language Barrier - Many asylum seekers can't speak English very well.
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What are the religious attitudes towards asylum se


  • Do not harm others (The Five Precepts)
  •  Ensure you use language kindly
  • Show compassion and loving kindness to all.


  • We were all created equally in God's image
  • Justice and fairness is always deserved.
  • Jesus cared for Non-Jews and outcasts
  • 'When an alien lves with you on your land, you shall not persecute the alien. you shall treat the alien as one of your own,'
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What is a festival? (1)

A festival is a religious celebration. There are many religious celebrations throughout the year, celebrating all matter of circumstances and events.


Wesak - Buddhism

  • Celebrates the birth (and the death in some cases) of the Buddha
  • It's a time of rememberance of Buddha's enlightenment
  • It's celebrated on the first full moon in May, each year
  • Homes are cleaned and decorated.
  • Buddhists visit the local temple. There, they pray, chant and give offerings to the Buddhist Monks.
  • In Thailand, Wesak lanterns are released as well as caged birds. Food is enjoyed in the temples and Buddha statues are cleaned and decorated with garlands of flowers.
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Festivals (2)

Christmas - Christianity

  • The birth of Jesus Christ is celebrated.
  • It occurs on Christmas Day (25th December)
  • Cards and gifts are exchanged between fellow Christians.
  • Children anticipate the arrival of Father Christmas, who is well known for distributing presents.
  • Shops, homes and streets are decorated with lights, tinsel and Christmas Trees.

Eid - Ul - Fitr - Islam

  • Muslims celebrate the end of fasting and give thanks to Allah for the help and strength that enabled them to practice self control.
  • It occurs at the end of Ramadan (usually during July and August)
  • Celebrations begin when the first new moon is in the sky. New or best clothes are worn. Homes, stalls and shops are decorated with lights and balloons.
  • Eid cards are sent and Muslim children receive presents/
  • A religious service at the mosque is conducted where a special meal is eaten and speeches are made
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What is a custom?

A custom is an accepted practice or tradition that is long standing within a celebration.

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What are the PROs and CONs of immigration?


  • Reduction of Xenophobia (Fear of Immigrants)
  • Creates a fairer, more diverse economy
  • Allows a wide range of cultures to be experienced
  • Creates bonds between other countries
  • Promotes a multicultural society


  • Overpopulation
  • Risk of terrorism
  • Segregation between certain ethnic groups
  • Language barrier
  • Immigrants automatically receive housing and school places when British nationals have been waiting a while.
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What is the difference between immigrants and emmi

Immigrants move into a country, whereas emmigrants move out of a country.

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Why do many people choose to immigrate in Britain?

Many immigrants choose to reside in Britain as we are a country, free from torture and political unrest. We offer free health and dental care as well as a variety of jobs. As housing and school places are offered to immigrants upon arrival, Britain is a popular choice for immigrants.

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Define tolerance

Tolerance means the permitting of social, cultural and religious differences without protests, discrimination or interference

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Define respect

Respect means an attitude of consideration and regard for the rights and feelings of others.

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