Religion and Equality


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Biblical Teaching about Equality:

  • Christians= all people are equal- created in the image of God (Genesis 1:27) + in Acts 10:3, made clear God doesnt favour some people over others.
  • Christians= God loves all of humanity unconditionally= important people show love + respect for each other + concerned with peoples welfare.
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Christian Attitudes towards Racism:

  • Christians=all nationalities.Christianity= all people made by God + equally important
  • Racism= some people are better than others on the basia of skin colour.
  • Jesus='love their neighbour'=Christians should treat everyone the same.Jesus= explains further in the Parable of the Good Samaritan. Samaritans= inferior race but in the story its a Samaritan who comes to aid of a man in trouble= Christians treat everyone as neighbour even with strangers or foreigners.
  • Martin Luther King= fought racism in US during 1960s + used non violent means of protest against white authorites= inspired by Christian beliefs.
  • Aparteid= African government made black people live in poor slums. Desmond Tutu + Trevor Huddleston= as Christians, responsibility to fight justice.
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Role of Women in Christian Society

  • Some Christians=men+ women have different skills + roles. God created men= stronger + to earn + provide for family. Women= give birth + stay at home + raising + supporting children
  • Other Christians=ideas are old fashioned + anything a man can do, a woman can do.
  • Roman Catholic Church= dont allow women priests=no women disciples 
  • Other Denominations= allow women priests=woman has good skills + qualities for priest, they say Jesus didnt choose female disciples=2000 years ago,not the done thing.
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Christian Attitudes towards other Religions

  • Christians= Christianity is the one true faith + people who are Christian will be rewarded with enternal life.Responsibility to teach others about Jesus + their faith to convert others.
  • Other Christians= people who live good lives, help others + love God= regarded in heaven.Encourage Christians to work with people from other faiths= ecumenicalism.
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Christian Beliefs about Forgiveness and Reconcilia

  • Christianity= they shouldnt hold grudges, aim to forgive as outlined in Lords prayer=Christians will be forgiven by God for wrongdoings + should forgive people for the sins against them.
  • Christian centres= focus on forgiveness + reconciliation= Coventry Cathedral rebuilt after WW2- encourages believers to think about how peace can be encouraged.
  • Taize community= France ecumenical centre, Christians from different demoninations + countries meet to prayer + worship
  • Roman Catholic Church= if person wants to be forgive= go to confession, Sacrament of Reconciliaton.
  • Holy Communion= chance to come together as one in Christ='Though we are many, we are one body because we all share in one bread'
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