Religion and Early life

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Jeremiah // Corinthians

Jeremiah states that:

  • Life is a gift from god and it would be insulting to kill it.
  • You are a person when in the womb- own rights and shouldnt be harmed


Corinthians states that:

  • Every believer has the holy spirit inside them- should be respected
  • Abortion is harming your body and the holy ghost
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Galatians // Psalm

Galatians states that:

  • God has a plan for everyone- if you kill the foetus, you have ruined gods plan


Psalm states that:

  • God created you- shouldnt be aborted because god wanted you to exist
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Sanctity of life // Miracle of life

Sanctitiy of life is the belief that all life is sacred because it is god given. This is believed by Christians, Jews and Muslims. Life is given by God and only God has the right to take it away.


Children are seen as a blessing and a gift from god. The gift of life is very special.

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When does life begin?


  • The baby's DNA is fixed- everyone has a different DNA and so the baby is a spereate person
  • Everything living grows and so does a baby
  • Baby has all of the genes and chromasone needed for it to be a human

Development of backbone- 3-4 weeks:

  • The foetus shows growth

When the heart starts beating- 5 weeks:

  • Death is when the beart stops beating, so life should begin when the heart starts beating
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When does life begin? // Quality of Life

Viability- 24 weeks:

  •  If the baby is born now, it has a better chance of surviving than dying
  • It is illegal to abourt at this stage 


  • Baby can live independantly 
  • Age is calculated after birth


Quality of life means the kind of life the baby will have:

  • Babies born with disabilities could have a poor quality of life, because of the pain and pressures on the family
  • Some people cant afford to have a child
  • Unwanted children may never be loved and this may lead to a stressful and unhappy childhood and life
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Abortion and the law

Before 1967, Abortion was illegal in the UK

After 1967, abortion was allowed if 2 doctors agree that:

  • Risk of the mother dying
  • High risk of the baby beign born severely disabled
  • Risk to the mental heath of the mothers existing children

After 1990, abortions were only allowed up to 24 weeks of pregnancy

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Rights of the baby, mother and father

Rights of the baby:

  • The baby deserves the right to live, even if it cannot speak out for itself at this time
  • If a woman voluntarily has unprotected sex, whe has a responsibility to care for the resulting foetus.

Rights of the mother:

  • The mother should have the right to choose what she does with her body
  • No-one knows better than the woman what she wants to do.

Rights of the father:

  • The father has very few rights and cannot stop a woman from having (or force a woman to have) an abortion.
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Alternatives to abortion // BPAS/SPUC


  • This a legal procedure where the parental responsibility is transferred to a new adopter (s)
  • An adopted child has no legal ties to its birth parents and usually takes the name of the new family
  • Anyone over 21 can adopt and you have to go through a 2 stage process, lasting about 6 months


  • This is where parents offer temporary care for children who cant stay with their parents.
  • The carer is paid and the children will return to their parents when the problems are solved


BPAS: The UK's leading abortion specialist. They advise or inform women through their abortions

SPUC: An organisation that defends and promotes the existence and value of human life.

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Pro life/ Pro choice

Pro life:

  • This is when people are against abortions and believe that the foetus should have the right to live.
  • The child could be adopted by parets who cant have children
  • Many disabled children live long and healthy lives
  • Most religions believe that abortion is mudering an innocent baby and that the mother never enter paradise

Pro choice:

  • This is when people believe that the mother should have the right to choose whether she wants the baby
  • No-one knows what the woman wants to do better than herself
  • Buddists believe that if the action is selfless, the taking of a life can be balanced- if the abortion is stopping the baby suffering any more
  • If abortions are made illegal, women will find methods of having abortions that are dangerous and could kill the mother and/or baby
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