Religion and Contemporary Issues

Religion and Gov't & the Middle Eastern Conflict

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Religion in Government

Prayers in Parliament

  • both sittings start with prayers 
  • christian not multifaith
  • attendance voluntary
  • began in 1558 an was common practice by 1567
  • In the Lords, the Lords spiritual reads prayers
  • MP's and peers stand for prayers, facing the wall behind them
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Religion in Government

Monarch as the Defender of the Faith

  • was the title given to the British Monarch since 1544
  • they are also known as the Supreme Governor of the Church of England
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Religion in Government

Freedom of Speech

  • the ability to speak without censorship or limitation
  • it is the most fundamental human right
  • it is also the most dangerous human right as it provides the freedom to express the desire to change the status quo
  • it is also the most threatened by the Government and Human Rights
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Religion in Government

Freedom of Worship

  • a principle which supports the freedom of an individual or community to manifest a religion or belief in teaching, practice and worship
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Religion in Government

Freedom of Religion

  • a principle that supports the freedom of an individual or community to manifest religion or belief in teaching practice and worship
  • freedom to change religion or not follow any religion at all
  • supported in article 18 - universal declaration of Human Rights
  • a country or state religion doesn't mean that they will persecute believers or other faiths
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Marriage and Civil Ceremonies


  • marry in church under the eye of God
  • Roman Catholics - no divorce - can't remarry in church
  • Protestants - not so strict - divorcees may remarry in church
  • Orthodox - may remarry - relationship can die
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Marriage and Civil Ceremonies


  • marriage is a moral safeguard and social building block
  • families are established - fundamental unit of society
  • sex outside marriage - selfish act, punished
  • not religious ceremony but a legal document
  • dowry important 
  • Muslim man marry all - Muslim Woman only marry Muslim
  • divorce strongly discouraged
  • man repay dowry to wife
  • Woman receives house - close male relative
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  • life of householder will not lead to enlightenment without marriage
  • marriage involves worldly distractions - better rebirth


  • householder can be enlightened without marriage
  • In Tibet some Lamas are married as priests
  • divorce - serious matter
  • is allowed due to the nature of changing circumstances - people can be released from vows 
  • allows spirits to grow
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