Religion and Conflict

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An innervoice that keeps people on track.

A moral sense that guides a persons actions.

Something that helps a person to choose right from wrong.

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Just War

A war that can be justified.

A war that is undertaken to protect the innocent.

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A belief that any form of voilence is unaccetable.

A person who is a pacifist is someone who is trying to promote peace.

Buddhist are pacifists.

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Non-Violent Protest

A march in silence as a demonstration.

A way of showing disapproval without damage or threats.

A way of making a peaceful stand.

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Renewing of a friendship or a relatioship after an argument.

Making up with someone afer a quarrel.

Reaching an amicable agreement.

Bringing harmony to a disagreement

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What causes conflict between people?

People do not use their consciences and do not think of the consequences of their actions.

Can be caused between people beacuse they have different beliefs.

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What makes for a good relationship between people?

Good communication.

Being able to sit and discuss problems or disputes.

Trusting someone and being honest is important.

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Points for a good friendship

Honesty Trust Tolerance Open ness

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