Religion and Community Cohesion

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Christian attitudes to equal rights for women in r

Reasons NOT to accept women as church leaders:

  • The Bible says women should obey their husbands
  • The Bible says women should be silent in church
  • All of Jesus' disciples were men
  • Jesus left the Church in the care of St Peter- a man
  • In the past, women were regarded as inferior because of Adam and Eve (Eve was sinful)

Reasons to ACCEPT women as church leaders:

  • The Bible says God created men and women in His own image
  • Jesus didn't discriminate between men and women; he talked to and taught both
  • Jesus treated women followers well and it was them that stayed by His cross and the first to see Him after ressurection
  • There is evidence of women leaders in the early Church
  • The Golden Rule suggests that everyone should be respected
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