Religion and Community Cohesion

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Changing Attitudes To Gender Roles

Changing female roles:

  • Women traditionally made to stay at home and look after children
  • Women took on the jobs of men (World Wars 1914-18; 1939-45)
  • Some women allowed to vote (1918)
  • Post-war (1945) many women wanted equality and end to sexism
  • Women given rights to equal pay (1970)

Changing male roles:

  • Men tradtionally made to go out to work and provide for the family
  • Men nowadays are more involved in raising children and in the home
  • Men are more willing to do tasks traditionally seen as womens work such as cooking

How and why roles have changed:

  • Women can vote and become MPs due to changes in the law.
  • Women can do any job they want  due to changes in the law and effect of wars
  • Women are better educated due to effective contraception and equal rights legislation
  • Men are more involved in childcare and home-life due to change in attitudes.


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