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Marriage: is the Legal union between a man and woman.

Commitment: a promise to be faithful.

Vows; promises made by the couple to be faithful to each other. (Christians take these at their wedding ceremony) 

Contract: a formal agreement or legal bond. (Muslims regard the marriage ceremony itself as the legal and binding contract between the husband and wife.)

Marriage contract: a contract between a bride and groom.

Convenant: an agreement. (is a binding, lifelong agreement before God, many Christians say God is a witness and partner to the promise a couple make to each other when they marry.) 

Responbilities: the legal or moral duty which a person has. (means being accountable for one's own actions, and doing one's duty.)

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Sexual Relationships


Heterosexual: a human wo is sexually attracted only to the members of the opposite sex.

Homosexual: a human who is sexually attracted only to members of the same sex.

Age of consent: the age at which someone can legally have sexual relationship.

Human sexuality:

Human start to experiensce sexual feelings at puberty. This is a natural pat of human biology that usually lead to intercourse with the opposite sex and reproduction (having children).

Sexual relationship today:

  • Sex is openly discussed in the media with emphasis on sexual pleasure rather than on a deeply significant commitment between two people.
  • Contraception and legl abortion is available (reducing fears of unmarried mothers)
  • Single mothers are no longer forced to give up their babies
  • Homosexuality is legal
  • UK has the highest rate of teenage pregancy in Europe.

More people today who have...

  • Sex before marriage
  • Multiple sex partners
  • Children outside marriage
  • Affairs (adultery)

The age of consent

In the UK the age of consent is 16 for both girls and boys applies to both hetrosexual and homosexual relationships.

2003 Sexual Offence Bill- desgined to protect children from exploitation or abuse by more powerful adults

Makes all sexual acts, a criminal offence if one of the people is under 16.

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