Religion and Beliefs: Neo-Marxists

AQA A2 Sociology Revision Cards, Neo- Marxists Theory.

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Neo-Marxism and Social Change

Religion can be used as a tool of resistance against to ruling classes and authentic expressions e.g. Martin Luther-King used Christianity to get race equality.

Some people now argue Media may now be a new tool of oppression because it stops us thinking to deeply.


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  • Religion is independent of the economic system.
  • Religion can be used as a revolutionary force (Catholics in Latin America)
  • Religion can help with protest to help the working classes rather than the oppression of them like the Marxists argue.


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Liberation Theology

  • Movement from the 1960's
  • Latin America.
  • Catholic Priests stood up against Dictatorships which left people in poverty.
  • They listened to bible messages and stood up for the poor against social injustice.


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Gramsci: Religion and Hegemony

  • If the bourgeois can control your mind, religion can control your beliefs to stand up against something.
  • Popular forms of religion help the working classes see hegemony of a fairer world through the working classes.
  • Some religious people work as educators or organisers to help working class' peoples situation.


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Evaluation of Neo-Marxism


  • Shows how religion can help cause a revolution, and help bring about social change to stop inequality.


  • Feminists would argue gender is a larger factor in oppression rather than social class & religion is used to oppress women.


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