Religion and Prejudice

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Causes Of Prejudice

Prejudice is thinking negative thoughts or stereotyping people

These are WHY people become prejudiced:

  • Bad Experiences: Based on bad experiences or news
  • Ignorance: Lack of education resulting in prejudice
  • Scapegoating: Blaming a certain group of people for problems
  • Stereotyping: Thinking something about everyone in a group
  • Media: widely used and can show biased results as the norm
  • Peer Pressure: Influences by friends or others
  • Upbringing: Parents' views can be passed onto their children
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Types Of Prejudice

These are WHAT prejudice can be (a form of prejudice):

  • Class, Looks & Lifestyle: Based on your social status, background, wealth, etc.
  • Gender: Men or women who dont follow social norms/ stereotypes- male nurses or female drivers
  • Disability: Some believe that people with disabilites are less clever or wont achieve much- may not have access to services
  • Race & colour: Treating someone lower because of their colour- includes education, health, employment etc. 
  • Religion: When some believe that you are 'something' becuase of your religion. Jews were killed in the Holocaust because of their religion
  • Age: Believing that some people are a certain way becuase of their age- eg. older people can't achieve as much or younger people are rude and ignorant

Steven Lawrence was murdered but the police did nothing about it as he was a black person attacked by white people. Institutional racism is when an organisation-eg. police force- is racist

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Martin Luther King Jr // Positive Discrimination

  • Wanted to get rid of segregation- seperating blacks and whites
  • Challenged prejudice and discrimination by giving speeches and organised peaceful protests 
  • Bus boycott- Black people refused to travel on buses til the law was changed
  • I have a Dream speech- wanted everyone to be equal, as influenced by his christian beliefs
  • Leader of the 'Civil Rights Movement'
  • Recieved the Nobel Peace prize in 1964 and America gave equal voting rights a year after (1965). Martin Luther King Day in America remebers his contribution to the fight


Positive Discrimination:

  • Treating people favourably becuas they have been discriminated against in the past/ have a high chance of getting discriminated against
  • Eg- disabled people can sit at the front of the cinema or go straight to the front of the line at theme park rides
  • This is good as it helps the person and can help them feel better about their situation
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Religious Teachings

Galatians 3:

  • No higher race/ religion/ gender etc.
  • Everyone is welcom to be a christian- should all be treated equally
  • Jesus accepts everyone

The Good Samaritan (Love thy neighbour) :

  • Christians should help everyone regardless of gender/race/religon etc. 
  • Dont let prejudice get in the way of helping someone
  • Shouldn't not help because of what they look like

Peter's Vision:

  • Anyone can be Christian, not just Jews
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Tolerance, Justice & Harmony


  • Accepting all people and valuing their contribution to life & society
  • Respecting their right to think qhat they want and to express their opinion


  • Bringing about what is right and fair according to the law


  • Living at peace with others 

Value Of the Individual:

  • All humans are equal and unique and made in god's image
  • All humans should have basic human rights and freedom
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