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-embalmed bodies to prepare them for the afterlife

-embalming advanced anatomy because they had to remove organs from the body

-Eyptians knew more about where organs were placed

-they had to preserve the organs and they mixed herbs and oils to do this. This was early pharmacy 

-dissection was forbidden, so doctors could not look any further into the body - progress was limited

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-still used references to the Gods

-Asclepius was a god thought to have healing powers

-he was assisted by his daughters Hygeia and Panacea

-Temples of Asclepius were built called Asclepia and people visited hoping to be cured of illnesses

-patients were provided with rest in the peaceful countryside, care, herbal remedies and exercise

-Asclepius and his daughters were believed to visit in the patient's sleep

-many would recover 

-mind over matter?

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Florence Nightingale

-believed that God wanted her to become a nurse

-even rejected a marriage proposal

-belief was so strong that she became a nurse

-she progressed medicine and made several fantastic improvements

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