Relationships between characters - both texts

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George and Lennie

George and Lennie's relationship

  • Lennie depends on George but in some ways George depends on Lennie
  • Deep down George cares for Lennie
  • George is sometimes embarrassed about being with Lennie and wants his own life
  • Lennie looks up to George inn everything he does
  • Father-son relationship
  • George created the dream more as a bedtime story for Lennie, he doesn't believe it
  • Always together, George feels he can't really leave Lennie alone
  • Lennie looks up to George for comfort and everything else
  • George in some ways looks up to Lennie for how he sees things
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Crooks and rest of society

Crooks' relationship with the rest of society

  • Crooks is black so experiences a lot of racism
  • He is the only black man on the ranch and signifies all of black society
  • Feels threatened constantly, even by Curley's Wife
  • Singled out, lonely
  • Leans away from society so as to avoid any trouble
  • Synical about any dreams coming true
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Phil and Leah

Phil and Leah's relationship

  • Leah worships Phil and does everything she can to get his attention
  • Phil ignores her, creating the impression he is heartless
  • They are very separate from the rest of the gang
  • In some ways they are quite coupley - some stage direction describe Leah in Phil's arms
  • Leah depends on Phil, trusts him
  • Throughout, Phil does not seem to care about Leah
  • But at the end of the novel she leaves the gang and the school and him, and he misses her hugely, calls her name instead of vice versa
  • This reaction suggests love and that he actually depends on her as much as she depends on him
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Phil and rest of gang

Phil's relationship with the rest of the gang

  • Has immense power over them, they do whatever he tells them too
  • Very clever compared to mos of them
  • Manipulative, cunning
  • Very detatched, spends most of his time with Leah
  • Obviously the leader of the gang
  • In the end he doesn't want to be leader anymore
  • Unlike Cathy (the new leader) he never abuses his power
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