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Relationships - Key Concepts

Commitment - Making and keeping a promise e.g, wedding vows.

Chastity - Where someone or a couple decides not to have sex before marriage. Reasons could be that they think sex is sacred. 

Conflict - Working against each other rather than in unity - sometimes lead to divorce.

Love - Have a deep affection towards someone and showing it through words and actions.

Reconciliation - When two people apologise to one another and become friends again. Many faith communities have these type of services.

Responsibilities - Duties a person should carry, e.g looking after family members.

Eros - sexual love, Agape - love that is given freely and unreservedly, strong emotion that usually includes commitment. Storge - affection for animals and objects. Philia - Bond shown through friends and family.

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Sexual Relationships - Christianity

  • Sex is a gift from God, but it should only be used in marriage - for the right reasons.
  • Orthodox members of all faiths state that couples should stay 'chaste' until they are married - which means not having pre-marital sex.
  • With Muslims, people, girls especially, should remain virgins until marriage.
  • The Christian Church teaches that self-control and sexual restraint are considered important, and should be treated in a casual manner.
  • Christians are also told that sex should be kept within marriage for positive reasons rather than negative ones, as marriage is believed to give sex as a special status.
  • Promiscuity - the act of having sex with many partners - is see as wrong in all religions.
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Sexual Relationships - Christianity (continued)

  • Christianity (Judaism, too) are monogamous (having one single sex partner at a time).
  • Some Christians, monks for example, take vows of celibacy, meaning that they give up and abstain from sex and marriage all together. The believe that it helps them concentrate more on God.
  • Family life is very important by most Christians. It's believed that it's better for a children, or children, to live with their biological parents, so that they can grow up with one role model for both of the sexes.
  • Also, a stable family gives a sense of security and identity, teaching them how to behave in different situations and how to give and receive love.
  • Adultery is forbidden by the Commandments
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Sexual Relationships - Judaism

  • Judaism (and Christianity, too) are monogamous (having one single sex partner at a time).
  • Adultery (basically cheating) is forbidden by the Commandments. 
  • Judaism states that having a family is more important that abstain completely from sex and marriage all together.
  • Family life is also very important to Jews, because Jewish religion and customs are passed on this way. Children, from a very young age, take part in the Shabbat rituals (the special meals and prayers on the day of rest)
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Love and Commitment - Christianity

  • In Christianity, most Christians believe that Love is about Commitment.
  • Christians use the word 'love' to describe their unconditional kindness and affection that God shows towards all mankind and the world.
  • It also describes how the feel towards God himself.
  • Christians also believe that we should love each other, as much as we love ourselves.
  • When you commit to something, that means that you promise to do something (wedding vows).
  • Commitments usually tend to stop someone from doing something freely as they please.
  • Christians believe that they should commit their life to God and trust him to guide them.
  • In marriage, the Bible says that a couple should commit to each other until they are separated by death.
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Love and Commitment - Christianity (continued, abo

  • The Bible states that Christians are responsible for looking after their families and loved ones.
  • Christians are also expected to show kindness towards people and care for them, even if they don't know them. e.g, the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:30-37). 
  • It tells of a man who stops to help someone who has been attacked by robbers. At the end of the story, Jesus tells his followers "Go and do likewise."
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Love and Commitment - Judaism

  • Jews believe that it's important to 'love your neighbour', and also to love God.
  • The Torah states that men should spend entire life with a woman they love dearly.
  • It also states in the Torah that Jews have duties (called commands, or mitzvot), which they must fullfil. These include learning, teaching and helping the poor.
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