Relationships in Under Milk Wood

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Mog Edwards and Myfanwy Price

  • Never actually with each other
  • Semantic field of money - "for the money to be comfy"
  • Dream / Fantisied
  • Mog Loves money/pictures Myfanwy as money - "And he hugs his lovely money to his own heart"
  • "Shop at Mogs!" - always advertising - never misses a oppertunity for a sale
  • "I love you more than all the flannelette and calico, candlewick, dimity......" - list hows Mog gets carried away and contidictes his point of loving her more.
  • Unrealistic fantisy
  • "Hot water bottled body" - this suggests that Myfanwy is actually currelled up in her dressing gown all cosy
  • Engaged/ on the verge of engagment
  • Finatial transaction
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Mrs Ogmore-Prichard and Mr Ogmore and Mr Prichard

  • Mrs Ogmore-Prichard = control freak - germ a phobic
  • Mr O and Mr P are treated like children - "Mr Prichard- "I must....", "Mr Ogmore - " I must..."
  • Doe not like guests/people in her house
  • Mr O and P fear Mrs OP - "you first , Mr Ogmore", "After you, Mr Prichard"
  • Sematic field of cleaning and acid/bleach - "there is acid love in her voice"
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Mr and Mrs Cherry-Owen

  • Mr CO regularly drunk - Cherry-Owen "I always say she's got two husbands" says Cherry-Owen "One drunk and one sober"
  • Mrs CO doesnt mind her husband being drunk - accepting - care free - Mrs Cherry-Owen "And aren't I a lucky woman because I love them both"
  • Have little money and things - both dont mind - moeny spent on Mr CO's drinks
  • Happy joking relationship - "Mr and Mrs Cherry Owen laugh delightedly together"
  • Personal short hand speach
  • Take life as a joke
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Mr and Mrs Pugh

  • Unhappily married
  • Mr Pugh plans to kill Mrs Pugh - "and as quick as a flash he ducks her in rat soup"  - helped by first voice to show contrast between real life and his imagination - gives Mr P something to do
  • Mrs Pugh very patronising - as if her husband is uneducated or simple minded - "Person with manners do not read at table"
  • Formal language - "persons"
  • Mr P uses mimcking laugaue
  • They push against each other - to be right over the other one - Mrs P usually get the last say
  • Hatred for each other only thing they share
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