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The formation of romantic relationships(: Reward/n

A01: Reward/need satisfactiontheory

We are attracted to people who provide us with direct reinforcement. 

Rewarding stimuli leads to positive feelings and punishing stimuli lead to negative feelings, which is the process of operate conditioning.

We are also attracted to people who are associated with pleasant events. They acquire positive value because of their association with something else that makes us happy.

A02: Griffitt and Guay-ound that participants rating (for liking) of an experimenter was highest when the experiment had positively evaluated the participant.

Hays (1985)found that gain satisfaction from giving and receiving.

Lott Suggests that, in many cultures, women are more focussed on the needs  of others  than on receiving reinforcement.

caspi and Herbener conducted experiments on real life couples that support the claim of the theory

The theory is deterministic. 

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