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About Rejuvenation

A river is said to be rejuvenated if its base level is lowered.

  • A river's base level can be lowered by either the ground level rising (crustal uplift) or by a drop in sea level
  • This drop in base level gives the river greater potential energy, increasing is vertical energy potential
  • The long profile of the river is extended and a knickpoint (sharp change in gradient e.g. waterfall) will form and mark the junction between the original long profile and the new one
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River Terraces and Incised Meanders

River terraces

  • Former floodplains that have been left above the level of present-day flooding following increased vertical erosion

Incised meanders

  • Formed when a river keeps its meandering course as vertical erosion increases. The result is a deep, winding valley with steep sides.
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