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Hygeine Regulations

Hygeine regulations

  • Personal hygeine - Correct uniform, footwear and head wear, good personal habits, cleanliness and good health
  • Hygeniec Practices - food and equipment stored correctly good cleaning schedules, waste disposed of correctly, no animals or pests in food areas
  • Food premisis - clean and well maintained, hot and cold water avaivable, good toilet facilities and lockers for staff, first aid, fire prevention, equipment in good order, adequte storage faciclities, good lighting and ventilation.
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  • Purchase of food - buy from reputable
  • Receipt of food - checking deliveries - for tempreture, qaulity points
  • Storage of food - remember dry, chilled and frozen
  • Preperation of food to aviod cross contamination
  • Cooking of food - cook thoroughly (above 75 degrees celcius)
  • Cooling - cool through danger zone as quickly as possible ( 5 - 63 degrees celcius)
  • Hot holding (above 63 degrees celcius)
  • Re heating - not for high risk groups (above 72 degrees celcius for two minutes)
  • Chilled storage - between 1 and 5 degrees celcius
  • Serving - obey the four hour ruloe for cold food and the two hour rule for hot food
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Food Safety Act

Food Safety Act

  • Food Qaulity
  • Food safety
  • Food composition
  • Food labelling and advertisement.
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HASAWA (health and safety at work act 1974)

  • Employees must provide safe working areas
  • Employees must also make sure they take care of thier own health and safety
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Fire regulations

Fire Prevention

  • Fire alarms to be tested weekly
  • Staff should be instructed in the use of fire-fighting equipment

Fire procedures

  • Raise alarm
  • Call fire brigade
  • If possible turn off gas supply, electricity and fans
  • Try to fight fire with appropiate extinguisher or fire blanket
  • Close doors and windows
  • Leave building and go to assembly point
  • Don't delay raising alarm or calling fire brigade
  • Do not use lifts
  • Do not stop to collect belongings
  • Take care to use right fire extinguisher
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