Reforms to help Labour

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Other Political Reforms

1906 Workmen's Compensation Act: injured at work/ suggested and accepted

1906 Trade Disputes Act: TU's can't be sued/ accepted

Direct result of demands made by the Liberals' Labour allies

After 1910 election when they were relied on more there were a further 2 reforms with far reaching consequences

Osborne Case 1908-09 threatened existence of Labour Party

Railway TU's objected TU's using his subscription to fund Labour.

House of Lords ruled in favour

Illegal to collect money for political purposes

The Payment of MP's Act (1911) MP's recieved no salary so only those with private income could afford to be MP's so this provided state payment of £400 a year

Trade Union Act (1913) allowed unions to impose "political levey" as part of memeber fee if they could opt out.

Thos who didn't want to support Labour could refuse to pay

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Significance of These Acts

Helped widen representation in Commons

Allowed men of humble origins to stand as MP's

Gave Labour strong boost

Steady flow of funds and storng TU backing

Liberals did nothing to extend vote

Still denied to females 

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