Reform of the Spanish Church

Reform of the Church in the reigns of Ferdinand and Isabella, Charles and Philip.

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Corruption in the church existed, as in every other church in Europe

  • Nepotism
  • simony
  • greed
  • Absenteesism
  • Lack of celibacy amongst the clergy
  • etc

All the spanish monarchs were extremelt dvout, and wanted to reform the church.

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Ferdinand and Isabella

  • Little need for reform- no lutheranism
  • Erasmiunism allowed, humanism flourished- Cisneros was a humanist
  • They nominated suitable reforming clergy to high positions, e.g. Cisnero and Talavera
  • Cisneros purged religious houses of Convectuals and ordered visitations
  • Cisneros set up Uni of Alcala in 1508
  • Polyglot bible encouraged
  • HOWEVER, what F&I achieved in their reign was limited.
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Charles I

  • Erasmianism became associated with Lutheranism which was heresy. Therefore there was little reform as no-one wanted to be seen to ahve humanist sympathies.
  • Vergara and other Erasmians were interrogated in the 30s. As a result of the witch hunt academic life suffered.
  • Illuminists(alumbrados) set up by isabella de la cruz. They were mystics, thery threatened the need for Priests. In 1524 they were supressed by the inquisition.
  • Culture suffered throughout Charles' reign as a result.
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Why did Lutheranism not settle in Spain?

  • Geographic reasons
  • Mystical tradition not worried about doctrine
  • the inquisition as a national institution
  • Purity of the blood (Limpieza de san)
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Philip II

  • In 1557-8 2 calvinist cells were discovered in seville and valladolid
  • Philip carries on the censorship of his father, e.g studying abroad was forbidden
  • Reform had to wait for the tridentine decrees to be approved of by Philip
  • 22 seminaries were organised to train priests
  • massive reorganisation of dioceses
  • Visistations demanded
  • priests had to give sermons regularly

Overall, Philip left Spain more reformed than when he inherited, but it wasn't completely reformed.

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