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Reflex control of ventilation - chemoreceptors respond to chemical changes internally

Mechanoreceptors respond to pressure and tissue deformation

Chemoreceptors reflexes - location - centrally in the medulla

Ventilation is stimulation by an increase in arterial pCo2

fall in srterial pH, fall PO2 

ventilation makes these changes back to normal

Increased arterial pCo2

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Co2 crosses CSF barrier

Co2 in CSF combines with water to H+ and HCOs

small amount of protein in CSF to act as buffer

free H+ ions remain in solution

H+ ions stimulate medullary receptors

increase ventilation#increased H+ concentration in arteries

stimulates peripheral chemoreceptors

increased ventilation

Decreased arterial PO2

mechanisms found in carotid +aortic bodies

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Mechanoreceptor Reflexes

Cough reflexes- stimulation of lung irratant

cause coughing and sneezing

irritation of nasal cavity walls

uvula at back of soft palate depressed

closes oral cavity off from pharynx

air from lungs through nose

Limb propnoceptor reflex

movement of joints

neural connections with brain stem

stimulate ventilation

importan in exercise

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Effect of Smoking

Irritant inhibit Cilia

stimulates mucus secretion

cause bronchoconstriction

Condenses tabbacco smoke- dark brown tar

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