Reducing the impacts of volcanoes

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  • Volcanoes can be roughly predicted from tell-tale signs.
  • Tiny earthquakes, escaping gas and changes in shape of the volcanoe (e.g. bulges).
  • Predictions gives people time to evacuate and so it reduces the number of deaths and injuries.
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  • Future developments, e.g. new houses  - reduces the number of buildings destroyed.
  • firebreakers can be made to reduce the spreak of fires.
  • energency services can train and prepare for disaters.
  • Governments can plan evacuation routes to get away from the volcano quickly and safely.
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Building techniques

  • Buildings can't be designed to withstand lava flows or pyroclastic flows but they can be strengthened so they're less likely to collapse.
  • lava can be diverted away from some builginh using barriers.

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  • Governments and other organisations can educate people on how to evacuate if a volcano erupts.
  • people can be told how to make a survival kit.
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