Reducing the effect of Earthquakes

How to reduce the effects of earthquakes in LEDC's and MEDC's, also how to prepare.

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Reducing the effect of Earthquakes

Computer controlled, movable roof weights to counter shockwaves.

Cross bracing to give added strength and prevent twisting.

Automatic window shutters to prevent falling glass.

Sheer core of reinforced concrete and tensioned cables around lift shaft.

Althought these methods may be inappropriate becasue the country is an LEDC and may be unprepared to pay for this project.

Earthquake proof buildings in LEDC's:

Built from local and recycled materials, such as hollow bricks that dont cause damage if they fall, a stronger roof made from reinforced cement concrete, reinforced steel pillars in order to provide strength and foundations made from stone.

Can prepare by...

Holding earthquake drills

Producing posters and leaflets on what to do in the event of an earthquake

Prepare emergency packs

Make strict building regulations

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