Redeveloping city centres

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Bringing back shoppers

CBD was hub, however decline due to out of town centres, and crime increases.

Strategies for redevelopment:

  • Pedestrian zones to make area more attractive, adding vegetaion and benches etc.
  • Redeveloping shopping malls.
  • Street markets to improve atmosphere.
  • Public transport imporved to reduce congestion.
  • CCTV and security to reduce crime.
  • Opening hours longer
  • Conserve historic buildings.
  • Cafes bars and restaurants
  • Free cultural entertainment
  • Theme areas, Gay village Manchester
  • Residential property is developed
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Manchester city redevlopment

  • 1975 Armdale centre was built, to bring people back to city centre to shop
  • 1996, IRA bombed Armdale centre
  • Repairs were done and redevelopment was done mainly in worst affected areas.

1)Old buildings rennovated

2)Upmarket department stores opend

3)Large areas were pedestrianised

4)New shops bars and luxury appartment opend


  • Population doubled to over 19000 people between 2003-09
  • Manchester became 3rd most popular tourist destination in UK
  • £5billion from tourists each year
  • Retail in city centre made an extra £300 million each year

Issue is 16% of population is on low income and cannot afford the area.

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