Red-Figure Pioneers


Three Men Carousing - Euthymides


Signed by Euthymides 'as never Euphronius' rivalry?


Depicts three men carousing, possibly at a symposium

Three figures are very large

Central figure is turning, poorly executed. - Head is far too small and turned at an impossible angle

Very simplistic border to the frieze

Minimal drapery, but well executed, suggests motion in the figures

Their black hair is difficult to see, makes it seem as if part of their head is missing

anatomy fairly accurate, defined black painted lines. Main issues are due to the central figure

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Heracles and Amazons - Euphronios


Volute krater

Depicts Amazonomachy

Heracles central figure and naked making him stand out from the other figure. Also the only figure to face right instead of left

Lotus and palmette pattern bordering the bottom of the frieze guides viewer to read it from left to right

Band of dancing revellers on the neck contrasts with the chaos of the amazonomachy on the body

Geometric lines guide the viewer through triangles (Heracles' legs)

Lots of overlap of figures, particularly with the dying Amazon on the floor, gives illusion of depth

Compositional symmetry, two fallen Amazons border the heroes 

Lots of foreshortening

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Achilles and Hector - Berlin Painter


Volute krater

Depicts (from left to right) Eos, Memnon, Achilles, Thetis

Whole body is black apart from a ray band towards the foot

The main frieze is featured on the neck 

Achilles shield is incredibly detailed for the size and all figures are correct anatomically

Similar frieze on opposite side. Apollo (turns away) Hector (falling), Achilles lunging his spear and Athena who faces the fight

Apollo turning away as he realises the city he supports is going to fall

Simplistic yet effective at telling a story

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Fall of Troy - Kleophrades Painter



Main story on the shoulder and neck. Excellent use of foreshortening

Focuses on triangular composition. - Neoptolemus strikes down on Priam, who has the dead Astyanax on his lap. Ajax (the lesser) about the **** Cassandra under the statue of Athena (her spear drawn, almost as if to attack if the statue could)

Astyanax is naked, showing the innocence of his youth. Emphasised by the Hoplite armout Neoptolemus wears

Body of Cassandra not well observed, breasts stick out at 90 degree angles

Cassandra naked, taboo in Greek art. Shows her to be defencless from the chaos surrounding her.

D****ry of Cassandra contrasts with armour of Ajax

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