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Recyling: convert waste materials to useable products

Salvaging: retrieving and preventing loss

Curb side collection e.g. garden waste and glass

Recycling centres e.g. soil and clothes

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Developed countries are now looking for ways to reduce the impact of manufacture on the environment so....

  • they are more efficient with resources
  • Production loops introduced (make something from waste of another product)
  • reduced use of materials
  • Scarce materials can be replaced with alternatives
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Benefit of recycling metals

  • Conservation of ore (especially important for metals which we gain from rare ores e.g. aluminium
  • Environmentally friendly (less mining and quarrying needed so damaging effects from these reduced)
  • Possible way to save energy (recyling copper uses 10% of the energy used for extraction etc.)
  • Save money (tend to be cheaper to recycle)
  • Reduced amount of landfill (multiply good effect like reduced methane and reduced land use)
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Reduced extraction of original material=prevented impact on local habitats and loss of species

Reduced production of original material=less pollution eg so2 with copper

Reduced energy use=less energy transferred to power stations so less co2

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