revision cards on each step of recrystallisation

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Choosing a solvent

  • Choose a solvent that the impure substance is NOT soluble in a LOW temperatures but is COMPLETELY soluble in at HIGHER temperatures. 
  • Add as small amount as possible.(
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  • Once the solvent has been added to the impure substance, heat the mixture until the impure solid has completely dissolved
  • A water bath or bunsen burner could be used for this(
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  • Cool the solution until crystals have formed
  • You could cool it in an ice bath
  • If crystals don't form then too much solvent may have been used.
  • So allow some of the solvent to evaporate and then heat the solution again and re-(
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Vacuum filtration

  • Wash the crystals with cold solvent
  • Pour the solution/crystals into the Buchner funnel and turn on the vacuum pump.
  • The part you want to keep is the solid that hasn't passed through the funnel.
  • Dry the solid, this can be just left in the air to dry(
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