Recruitment and selection

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Recruitment is the process by which a business finds new employees. The business may need full-or part time employees. Even small businesses may need to recruit employees. Sometimes staff are taken on bevause they have been recommended. Usually appointment follows a process. Recruitment needs to take place when a need for new staff is identified by the business. 

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What are the reasons why a business might need new

There are a number of reasons why a business might need new staff:

-The business could be getting bigger

-Staff could have left

-The business may need new skills

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External or internal recruitment

The business has to decide whether to  recruit from outside the business (external recruitment) or to train its own staff (internal recruitment). If it decides to recruit, the process is as follows:

- It identifies the job that needs doing and writes a job description to show what tasks, skills and qaulifications are needed.

-The selection process usually starts with an advertisement. This must be placed in the ight place to attract the right applicants. Applicants may be asked for CV's, letters of support and references. Short listed applicants are invited to interview. Interviews in small businesses are likely to ne one-to-one. In lartger businesses they could be in front of a panel. They could also involve tests, group, or team activities and/ or presentations. After the interview the best candidate is offered the job.

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Recruitment (expensive)

Recruitment can be very expensive. Sometimes no candidate is good enough for the job and the whole process has to be repeated. This is why businesses try to make sure they get it right the first time.

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